BluNile Films is launching a new release campaign for “Pray For Morning”.

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March 12, 2012

Pray For Morning was our first major feature film and was initially distributed by Shoreline Entertainment for foreign countries. It was also distributed by Allumination Filmworks and Phase Four Films for the domestic and North American market.

It was sold in several foreign countries, making a splash in Japan,  as well as being sold through  some domestic outlets and cable channels. But we know it has the potential to get to even more of our audience as it’s cult following grows and as some of our stars rise literally to the top in Film and television popularity.

We’ve decided to use a few more grass roots marketing method of our own to get the film even more directly distributed to new viewers and fans.

BluNile Films and Norm Novitsky is partnering with Druid Pictures and Kimberly Brennecke to launch a new redistribution of it’s First feature length film “PRAY FOR MORNING” starring Jackson Rathbone and Jessica Stroup. In this new era of digital film watching and direct access audience viewing, we want to make sure our film gets seen by all of it’s fans and potential fans. We are seting up our own webstore and will soon be selling downloads of the movie online.

We taking it upon ourselves to make the video available to our audiences as easily as possible through companies like Netflix and Apple TV and also our own direct sales.

You will be able to download a copy of the movie through our site shortly, or order a copy of the DVD, as well as other Pray For Morning merchandise.

Stay tuned for more!

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