The independent film production company known as BluNile Films was conceived on a dusty road somewhere in Ventura County, California back in 1994. Our CEO and Founder Norm Novitsky’s notion to be an independent film producer took awhile to mature. It took years of dedication to the idea and time and study invested to learn the craft. But it has paid off:  our first feature motion picture, Pray for Morning, a riveting small-budget horror film with a great original story, in the tradition of great independent films was made and was the first film role and launching pad for some notable new stars, like Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Saga) and Jessica Stroup (90210). Our eye for talent is ahead of the game and our first film is growing a fun cult following.

We have a specific take on making movies. We aim to develop and produce independent films that entertain, spark emotions and take filmgoers on an emotional high, while maintaining artistic and commercial credibility. When viewers leave the theater we want them to have been moved — and to tell others, “You have to go see this movie!”