Norm Novitsky majored in Organizational Executive Management and Marketing, and his early career focused in these areas. In 1987 he became president of Hanover Mortgage and brought about its highest-ever revenues. Following his time at Hanover, he started what became one of the largest independent mortgage companies in Southern California. In 1992, after extensive R&D in the banking services industry, he founded Nationwide Title Clearing with four employees, and by 1996 the company had become one of the leading service companies of its kind. A major player today, Nationwide Title Clearing now boasts a staff of over two hundred. In 1998 Norm returned to school to study filmmaking, where he produced and directed three short independent films before setting off as an independent film producer. As head of BluNile Films, he executive-produced a teen horror suspense thriller, Pray for Morning,  released in 2006, and is also producing several other projects.